Sell My House Fast Massachusetts- Reasons to Avail Our Services

Sell My House Fast Massachusetts

When you are thinking of selling your property, chances are you will first consider listing it with a real estate agent who can help you put it on the market.

However, this traditional method can be more expensive and time-consuming than you think. The good thing is, it is not your only option.

Instead, consider selling to Apex Invests, a team of real estate investors who buy homes fast in the Massachusetts area.


Selling the Conventional Way

Selling through a realtor or FSBO (for sale by owner) requires you to make the necessary improvements, invest in repairs and spruce up the curb appeal of the home.
The property may also have to languish on the market for several months while you are still paying for the utilities, mortgage as well as home insurance.

When you get an offer, the potential buyer is unlikely to pay the full asking price. You can expect them to ask for an inspection and or ask that you make certain repairs and improvements.
This can be stressful, especially if you are facing financial hurdles.


Sell my House Fast Massachusetts- The advantage of Using a Home Investor

Selling your property to investors like us may not be an option you are familiar with, but it’s one worth considering, particularly if you are looking to sell fast.

However, there are other benefits to selling to Apex Invests, which we shall discuss in the rest of this post.


No Need to invest more In Your Property

If you are selling to a traditional homebuyer, chances are they expect the home to be in a top-notch condition.

As such, you may find yourself paying to install a new roof, new flooring, improve landscaping and handle numerous other expensive and time-consuming improvements that you would not have to worry about when selling to a real estate investor.

Even worse, you may be squandering your precious money with no guarantee that the repairs and improvements will significantly increase the home value so that you can recoup the investment.

The Apex Invests difference:

We will purchase your home in as-is basis, and that means you do not have to spend a dime or time on improvements. If repairs are required, we will adjust the price accordingly and handle them after the sale.

Avoid Foreclosure

If you are behind on mortgage payments and your bank is sending foreclosure threats, you may not have the time to sit around and wait for a traditional home buyer.

Sometimes, it’s possible to negotiate more favorable terms with the lender, hoping to ease the burden and be able to keep your home.

However, a loan modification might not be approved, and by the time they make the decision, you will even be further behind on the payments, which increases the risk of foreclosure.


The advantage of selling to us:

Selling your property to Apex Invests will help you avoid foreclosure and give you the money you need to move on.


Sell my house fast Massachusetts- The Speed

Listing a home with a real estate agent is certainly time-consuming. Your home will be marketed through open houses and advertising, which usually takes an average of 6 months to lure a potential buyer.
Once you find a prospect, they will also have to qualify for financing, which further delays the sale.
Private buyers usually make the sale contingent on the property passing inspection, which isn’t always guaranteed.

The advantage of selling to us is that we are ready to buy with cash and close the deal on the date of your liking. This can be very beneficial, particularly if you are in a situation where you need to sell quickly.

We will give you a no-obligation cash offer for your property within 24-hours, and if the terms are to your liking, you can walk away with money in your hand in less than a week.


Help with Inherited Houses

If you have inherited a property and already have a house of your own, you may find the need to sell. If the property remains unoccupied, it can be hard to insure since it’s vulnerable to vandalism and theft.

This can lead to depreciation, making the home harder to sell when you are ready.
However, if you avail our services, we can purchase the property and even arrange for a removal company to help clear the house.

Apex Invest can ideally help you with the legal process if you have inherited the home without a will and are facing tax or lien issues.