How Home Evaluation Boston Services Work

home evaluation Boston

When you decide to sell your Boston house, a home evaluation will need to be conducted to determine the price – Home Evaluation Boston.

We at Apex Invests are local investors who provide home evaluation Boston services if you are looking to offload some property.

We conduct evaluations on all property and in any condition, and we almost always buy the property.

This is mainly because we offer a hassle-free experience, treat the property owner with courtesy, and because we offer a fair ca$h offer.

Our process includes:


This is the first step to selling your Boston house. To get in touch with us, you can fill out a form providing your property info or call to talk with one of our representatives.

We only want to assist you in selling the home for ca$h. Once our team has reviewed the information, they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Home Evaluation:

We will arrange the best time convenient for you to do a meet-and-greet and do a property walkthrough.

Here we will get to see if the house meets our criteria as we make a few adjustments on the pricing.

After our assessment, we will give you a ca$h offer on-site, and if you are satisfied with the estimation, our staff will draft a written offer and send it to you.


home evaluation in BostonYou are in full control, and we will only proceed when you give us the go-ahead. If you agree to the deal, you can set a closing date to finalize the sale.

The procedure is pretty straightforward, and you’ll have money in your pocket in no time!

You may be under the presumption that selling your Boston house will require you to do repairs to jack-up the valuation, but that isn’t true.

With us at Apex Invests, you can relax since we will do an evaluation as-is and still give you a more than generous cash deal. We won’t lowball you or anything.

Here at Apex Invests, we take great pride in the service we provide to homeowners with a fair ca$h for their Boston.

We are more concerned about putting more money in your pocket and alleviating the burden of an unwanted property.

Getting a professional home evaluation Boston service is the best way to slap a price tag on the property and get the payout to set you on your way. Call us now at (978) 737-7059.